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Youth Stoneware Show Off! 😎 Friday-November 3rd 9am-11am

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Kids are out of school for Teacher workday, so let us show the kids how to create artisan pottery mug(their style choice) and the amazing effects that happen with high fire STONEWARE! They’ll be amazed and so excited to see what happens when these pieces are fired at 2200° 🥵🤗 The results are amazing! 

🤩For this event, we will also give the kids an exclusive behind the scenes look at our operations in the kiln room of our studio! Each child will also be playing BINGO for a chance to WIN a stoneware mug project for them to come back and create OR gift it to you so they can show you how to make your own after they have learned how! 🥰

Ages 8+ are best for this experience and technique outcome. This is a drop off event, please make sure they have had breakfast and to please bring a water bottle with them. 

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