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Clay Family Handprint Tracing Bowl

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*PLEASE NOTE: orders placed after October 28th 2021 will not be ready for Christmas completion. These will be produced and notified in the New  Year. 

We need your handprint tracings ASAP to begin processing your order. Your order cannot he started without the tracings and that will depict the timing for completion of your bowl. 

How to send your handprint tracings in:

1) Trace the handprint of each family member onto a sheet of paper. One hand tracing PER sheet of paper. Please write in all caps the persons name INSIDE the hand tracing. 

2) Please scan the full sheets in real size with no editing and send to our email address. Do not take a picture and send this, this does not work. It must be a scan for this method. 

3) If you are mailing the handprints to us, or bringing them in, please send to 806 Maple Street, Carrollton Ga 30171 in an enclosed envelope.

Please select your finish. These are made to order and require at least 4 weeks production time. 


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