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🟣Squishmallow🟣Kids Night Out!

March 17th 6-8pm
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It’s a SQUISHMALLOW themed event for Kids Night Out!!

Drop off event starts at 6:00-8pm. Ages 6+ and must LOVE collecting squishmallows!  

🟣Pizza 🍕 Popcorn 🍿 and Ice Cream 🍦 included for Dinner! 

🟣SQUISHMALLOW ceramic project! 

🟣”SQUISHY” DIY puffy slime project! 🧡

We will have a youth appropriate movie playing throughout the event, and will have a great time!!

Each child needs to bring their absolute FAVORITE SQUISHMALLOW to this party! We will be doing something really fun with their squishy pillow friends! 

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